Oftentimes we set life goals that can be hard for us to stick to. When we make changes with how we eat, with how we see our weight and body, these seem to be particularly challenging for some people. So what do we do to stay focused on our goal?

In the wake of anorexia, there are still endless learnings for me, that keep coming, again and again, as surely as the sun that rises every day, because I keep noticing what I do and then I am a woman on a mission, I carve out learnings that help me grow stronger, happier and boost me so I keep moving forward towards my life goals.

We can always learn from our actions, no matter what that action actually is. It helps to think about whether our actions are in alignment with our life goals. Did you do something the way you planned? Did you eat the cake when you said you wouldn’t? Did you skip the gym even though you felt determined to get up and get there before work? Did you grab a sandwich for dinner instead of cooking a meal? Anything you do is an opportunity to understand why you made the choice you did (or, anything you didn’t do!). It is an opportunity to see your reasons and to reflect on if next time, you want to do it differently, and how you would do that.

Toolkit Tip #1 – See everything you do (or don’t do!) as an opportunity. Yes, your situation might be hard. You might feel low, stuck, hopeless. But there IS hope and you CAN reach your life goals. Your situation is a doorway to greater self-understanding and growth. Ask yourself: “What is the higher learning or wisdom in this situation?” and “Why did I do that?”

This year I’ve noticed I’m more committed to my eating than ever. But recent have been a roller coaster of learning how to stop digging my heels in, how to stay focused on nourishing myself with three meals a day, how to listen to what my body needs and be willing to give myself what I need, and how to untangle the remnants of a relationship with food that was, frankly, abusive of myself.

I have learned that I must not let myself off the hook. That when I wake up in the morning and feel like I don’t want to eat, those are the times to make sure I eat.

Listen, I don’t want you to think this was a simple, straight road. I probably skipped breakfast hundreds of times until I finally got all the pieces that enable me these days to always eat breakfast. That’s the first thing I want you to know. Got life goals? Stay the course.

Toolkit Tip #2 – Journaling exercise: Define your life goal. Get really clear on what you want and why you want it. Write out the reasons you want this. Questions to consider are: How will your life be different if you have the thing you want? What are some simple action steps you can take, that feel doable and you can get behind?

Let’s talk more about staying the course because it’s pretty darn important, it’s one of the ingredients of the success of my recovery from my eating disorder, and it’s something that will help you in every area of your life. Stay tuned for another blog coming soon on life goals!