Option Process Dialogue

I would invite everyone to spend time learning about themselves with Rachel – for no other reason than it is such a treat. For me she creates a wonderful safe space to be curious, a time to take a closer look at who I am and a place without judgement where I can experiment with new beliefs and ideas. Thank you for all these things Rachel.

~ Laura, Events Manager, London UK

Rachel is an expert helper to me in finding my way through the twists and turns of life. Her exceptionally loving and non-judgmental attitude coupled with her spot on questions help me to be able to form great plans for forward movement in my life on my terms!

~ Ellen S, Educator & Son-Rise Program Mum, Maine USA


Wow! Rachel’s passion for EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, her excellent knowledge base, gentle yet highly effective questions and presence made my session so productive and helpful. Rachel really loves this work, knows so much and loves to be of help to others. I highly recommend her!

~ Ellen S, Educator & Son-Rise Program Mum, Maine USA


Rachel is a wonderful and skillful therapist. She has helped me gain great insights from what I thought were negative experiences and I was amazed how easily and quickly I could then let them go. Her gentle approach made me feel comfortable and safe throughout each session. Rachel skillfully guided me to move effortlessly through a variety of painful events in my past. I’m truly grateful for the difference this has made in my life and I can highly recommend her.

~ Sandy, EFT Practitioner, Brighton UK


Rachel has shared a lot of energy medicine with me and suggested I try figure eights numerous times. I never took her seriously because I thought energy medicine would not help alleviate any
pain. My shoulder was hurting for days and nothing I did would help alleviate the pain. No aspirin, no epsom salt bath, and no massage. I remembered the figure eight technique and just decided to give a try. I couldn’t believe it. My shoulder instantly was relieved. Amazing natural way to alleviate any pain going on in your body.

~ Paige Perry, Option Process Mentor-Counsellor & Photographer, Virginia USA