Who I Am

In her early years, Rachel battled with depression, an eating disorder and drug use. This led her to begin a journey of personal development in her late teens, first studying the nature of beliefs and limiting thoughts, then later drawn into the world of natural health and energy healing.


Rachel is a qualified Eden Energy Medicine clinical practitioner (EEM-CLP). She has also trained in counseling, Eating Psychology Coaching and Mind-Body Nutrition, the Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as EFT or tapping) and Matrix Re-Imprinting.


Rachel firmly believes that a life of wellness, vitality and peace is available to all. From her own personal experience, she knows that life can seem like a daily struggle. Stress is a major part of what we all experience in life. She advocates that with simple, effective tools and empowering knowledge, it is possible for anyone to take small steps that add up to big life changes. She is now happy, easily able to manage stress and thriving. And wishes the same for everyone!


Rachel offers 1:1 sessions from her clinic in Manchester and also teaches regular groups and workshops. She is delighted to be taking part as an intern in the 2017-2018 EEM Foundations Program. Following this, she will be qualified to teach the Foundations course for people who wish to deepen their learning and become EEM practitioners.